HTE Canada Sue’s Testimonial

HTE Testimonial on Micro Circulation Nutrient Juice (SOQI CircuGo)

WOW! I cannot speak for anyone else, however, I feel like a million bucks since I began taking what I like to call the ‘Micro Circulation Nutrient Juice (SOQI CircuGo)

I have been injured and unable to work or carry on a normal life for over 4 years since my impact injury on the ski hill.

Before my accident, I was a Water Safety Instructor, National Life Guard, Ski Patrol, On hill and class room instructor/examiner, competed Provincially and Nationally, cyclist, hiker and played most sports.  I am also co-owner of a Ski, Bike, and Hike Store in Ottawa.

I have had two surgeries on my left knee, fractured the tibia plate, re-injured my previous low back injury and Medical Specialists say that I have ‘Permanent Damage to both the Sciatic Nerve and the Femoral Nerve

Yes, I am a health nut! Yes, I have tried different supplements! Yes, I have tried many Physio Therapy and alternative health treatments including cycling and walking under water.

Yes! Thank God everything, including some of the supplements and some of my exercise programs; mostly swimming, eccentrics have helped me and I feel the Chi machine has helped the most.  Note: I have used the Chi machine for approximately 15 years; however, I could not use it while I was suffering from the fracture to the tibia plate in my left knee.

Major and most recent turning point in my healing and recovery:

Micro Circulation Nutrient Juice {SOQI CircuGo}

Thank God Peter Poon made the effort to come to Ottawa to test my cell health and circulation by viewing cells under a microscope. Basically, my circulation was sporadic and my cells needed a lot of help.

I began on the SOQI CircuGo on March 21, 2017.

First two months: 1 bottle of CircuGo/day, for 24 days, then 6 days off

3rd month: 1 bottle of CircuGo every second day (1 box), then 6 days off

Total of 5 boxes

After 3rd month, continue with 1 bottle of Circu Go every second day (1box), then 6 days off

Note: I take CircuGo first thing in the morning on an empty stomach then SOQI Bed for 30 mins including  2×5 minute Chi Machine followed by stretching and regular exercise program.



  • Almost immediately, I can say that the nerves and cells began to improve in not only my leg, but also in the rest of my body, including my back, brain and my energy levels improved. Concentration and mental clarity improved also.
  • I have more strength in my legs now, increased muscle mass and stability.
  • My swimming, cycling and walking have improved.
  • I am able to do the Chi Machine for longer period now.
  • I can stand and sit longer, which for many years was impossible.

I will continue to use the Micro Circulation Energy Juice (SOQI CircuGo), along with the HTE products including the Adv ERE which I also use every morning for 30 minutes/day; not only to regain my previous health and fitness level, but also to maintain an awesome health, mobility and fitness for the rest of my life!

Within days of beginning my daily dose of CircuGo, Chi Program and hard work, I began to feel and activate muscles that had been dormant due to severe atrophy for over 4 years.

A month later, I was able to resume one of my favourite passions; I climbed to the top of Camp Fortune Ski Hill, with my dog, Dakoda. Of course I had to use my Leki Hiking Poles for support and added balance, but I DID IT!!!

Ironically, Dakoda also loves the SOQI System.
Manager Level Distributor
Dinardo’s Skis & Wheels

Bells Corners, Ottawa