Successful Science

Max is committed to producing and delivering the best possible glutathione enhancing products in the world. We know how important it is that high quality health and wellness products be based on proven scientific research.

Max International is determined to lead the wellness and nutritional industry in delivering quality products based on science and science-based proprietary formulations that support the body in it’s production of Glutathione, one of the body’s super anti-oxidants. Glutathione and its benefits have been the subject of over 100,000 peer reviewed articles on PubMed.com, double that of even Vitamin C.


“We persevered and our experiments finally led to RiboCeine. This was a Eureka moment for me.”

Thanks to the efforts of medicinal chemist Dr. Herbert T. Nagasawa and other experts in scientific research and development, Max International has developed groundbreaking advances in glutathione enhancing products. Their patented compound RiboCeine has been the subject of over 20 independent peer reviewed studies.