Skratch Labs – Exercise Hydration Mix


  • Lemon & Lime
  • Orange
  • Raspberry
  • Pineapple
  • Apple & Cinnamon




This is an all natural sports drink.  It replaces both the fluid and electrolytes you lose in your sweat while providing just enough calories to help fuel your working muscles. Flavored with only real fruit and containing no artificial colors or preservatives, the drink mix won’t upset your stomach, leave a bad taste in your mouth, or challenge your IQ with tongue twisting chem-lab ingredients. It just works better. Maybe that’s why, for years, top athletes have been secretly replacing their sponsors’ products with drink mix made from Skratch.

You Sweat – Skratch Hydrates. Simply add one scoop of mix to a container filled with 16 fl oz (500 ml) of water. Use while you’re doing anything that makes you sweat.


  • Non-GMO / Non-OGM
  • Gluten Free / Sans Gluten
  • Dairy Free / Sans produits laitiers
  • Vegan / Vegetalien
  • Kosher / Kasher
  • Allergens/Allergenes: none.


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