Why Norwex?

Sue Says…

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A simple but powerful purpose

The global production and use of manufactured chemicals has increased substantially, and most of the chemicals that people are exposed to every day have never been assessed for their impact on human health. At Norwex, we believe that we can improve the world around us by working together through our core values of trust, integrity and honesty and following our Mission to radically reducing chemicals in our homes.

Real people, real impact

Our vision reaches far beyond making a profit. In addition to manufacturing safer products, we’ve designed support services and packaging to ensure environmental and social consciousness.


  • Over 80,000 new chemicals have been created in the last 50 years. Only about 200 have been tested for their impact on human health. By cleaning with only Norwex Microfiber and water turns your home into a safer haven-you won’t breathe, touch or ingest chemicals.
  • A whopping 32% of all plastic packaging eventually finds its way into natural ecosystems like streams, rivers and oceans. By making small, conscious choices to reduce plastic and waste overall, together we can create a brighter future.
  • the chemicals that accumulate in the human body over a lifetime are known as your “body burden.” Chemicals sneak in through everything from laundry soaps to body wash. Lower your body burden by reducing chemicals in your home. Norwex can help.
  • Indoor air pollution is one of the top five highest-ranking environmental health problems in America. Avoid chemical-laden air fresheners and toxic “cleaning” products -and create a safer haven for your family. Remember, “clean” doesn’t have a scent!